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So this week were going to be seeing some of the hottest days on record in the UK this year (so far), how are we going to cope?! Here in the UK we moan when we get too much rain and no sun, and we moan when it’s real sunny and ‘too warm’ too! There’s just no pleasing us.

When it’s warm, the office literally feels like the worst place in the world. It’s hot, stuffy, you can struggle to get a breeze going, and it’s just really uncomfortable!glass
So here’s ten tips we’ve put together that might just help you survive those hot and sticky summer days in the office.

1. Dress for the weather. Wear something comfy if you can, comfy but smart. You don’t want to flash too much flesh at the office because although you want to be comfy and keep cool, you still want to look professional. Go for something floaty and not tight, guys why not try short sleeved shirts instead of long ones, and if you don’t have to wear a suit jacket or tie, that’ll help keep you cool.

2. Make sure you keep hydrated, lots of water, cold water if you have it! It will help keep the lethargic feelings from the warm weather at bay.

3. One word, fans. Get all the fans! Make the most of those little beauties if you can. If someone offers you one, take it. They help create a nice breeze in the office keeping your temperature down. Open the windows too if you can, anything you can to help keep the office nice and cool.

4. Picnics. Try and take your lunch break away from your desk today by venturing outside for a picnic. Working 9-5 days usually means that you normally miss out on nice days, so why not make the most of the nice weather whilst you can. It doesn’t usually last long in the UK. If there’s a nice grassy area outside your office, grab your lunch, put your sunglasses on and enjoy the sun. And it will give you that well-earned break away from your computer screen and stretch your legs. And that fresh air will improve your concentration levels too!

5. Ice- cream. If anyone suggests an ice-cream run, take them up on it. What’s better than an ice-cream on a hot day? Especially a hot day in the office. And it will give you something to look forward too.

6. Coffee. Your best friend and life line in an office environment. Those little cups of joy help get you through the day. On the really hot muggy days, why not swap your normal hot cup of coffee for a nice refreshing iced coffee? Not only will it do the trick in keeping you awake, it will keep you cool at the same time! Genius. And same principal goes to all those tea drinkers out there too!

7. Music. If you’re allowed to have the radio on in the office, or any type of music, then take full advantage. Music is supposed to calm you down and relax you, which is what you need on a hot and sticky day. It will give the office a nice atmosphere too, or add to it. Music is also supposed to increase productivity as well so that’s an extra bonus and especially on a hot day when productivity levels are known to drop a little bit.

8. Lunch (and other office snacks). When it’s warm out choose something cool like a nice sandwich or salad. There’s nothing worse than sweating over a hot lunch, then being hot and uncomfortable sat at your desk afterwards. A cold lunch is also usually easier to eat if you take advice from tip 4 and have a picnic at work.

9. So most of the time you’d probably get into trouble if you got caught day dreaming at work, or you’d get weird looks from colleagues if you’ve been accidentally day dreaming, and you’ve been unaware that you’ve been staring at them longingly for the past 5 minutes. But now you’ll have an excuse! Research has shown that the body reacts to day dreaming, so imagining a picturesque snowy mountain scene can actually help reduce body temperature. So happy dreaming!

10. Turn off. Make sure at the end of the working day, you turn off all electronic devices for the night as they give out loads of heat. So turning them off will hopefully help it feel cooler the following morning. Same goes for lights too! And if you have blinds on the windows, if you keep them shut, it will keep the sun out so will help keep the office cooler too.

Hopefully these ten tips will help keep you cool in the office this summer, even if just a couple do that’s a bonus…. now roll on winter! (Just kidding…)