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We’re finally pleased to introduce our newest team member to you all. Chris Page will be our new Business Development Manager, read more to find out a little about him.

Hi everyone. I know – the photo is terrible. I’m glad I haven’t been hired as a model!

I am however genuinely excited to start this new chapter of my life here at Harlequin.

It is quite a departure from my last career, but I relish a challenge, and as I find my feet, I am enjoying my job more every day. We aren’t strangers though. Ray and Fiona here at Harlequin, whom some of you will know, first met me when I was ‘nought but a lad (I’m a proud Yorkshire-man). I started my career in sales in the motor trade when I was 19. A tough place for a green village lad cut my teeth, but steep learning curves didn’t frighten me. Second only to Traffic Wardens, in who you like the least, the stereotypical “Car Salesman” was not who I desired to become. 

Now before you all assume I became a shark ready to bite you, and steel your money, I am pleased to say I became the professional career driven Sales Person type, rather than the “Arthur Daley” or “Del Boy” one.

I was very lucky to have nearly 20 years “in the trade”, and I am happy to say Harlequin were clients of mine since 2004. As I moved up the ladder within my industry, Ray and Fiona came back to me. The relationship between customer and supplier has to be transparent, trusting, and unshakeable. I was ever so proud. Their actions made me feel appreciated, valued and that all my hard work had paid off. The best way to keep customers though is not to lose them, so maintaining that continuity of service was the key. Repeat custom gives me a very rewarding feeling. It means my customers are happy.

Away from work, I enjoy the usual plethora of activities many of us do – socialising, Football, playing Golf, as well as the obligatory Motor Sport fascinations (2 and 4 wheels). Adrenalin and I seem to go hand in hand, as I have my bike licence, have done some amateur motor sport, and enjoy skiing too. My doctor and I went to school together and is a very good friend. He likes motor sport and Skiing also, so he often comes with me. I am well prepared! I also like the quiet days though relaxing, cooking, and watching a good movie. There is a time and a place for all of these, and I think you need chaos and calm in your life to keep you sharp and alert. 

The range of products and services we offer our clients is amazing. Quality, availability and price cannot be beaten by pretty much anyone else in the UK. There are other suppliers out there, I appreciate, but if we have the chance to talk, I can guarantee you, you will re-think why they are your chosen partner, and not Harlequin.

My main aim is to speak to as many of you as possible and find out why we aren’t in business together. It could be that you don’t know who we are. Come and see us for a coffee and a chat and allow me to show you. If we have done business in the past, but no longer, I would like to understand why, and remedy that if at all possible. Unless there are “unknown factors” we aren’t aware of, putting a barrier in the way, I would very much like to be the default choice for the supply and install of your site, modular, and main offices. Particularly for as many MPBA members as we can. Harlequin has been a member of the MPBA for many years. I am simply after the opportunity.

So, that’s it from me for now. It would be amazing to speak to you all, about any way you think we could work together. Please get in touch if you need anything at all, or if you would like to know more about Harlequin and the products and services we offer.