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Just before Christmas, we donated some old education furniture to Brigg’s Children Centre.

The furniture was old stock so we were happy to find it went to a good cause. We donated some children’s chairs and tables, and also some lockers.
They were thrilled as they were able to use the children’s chairs and tables for their Christmas party, which was planned a week before the donation.

The lockers will come in use for storing the clothes and future donations.

We were happy to donate these as we knew how useful they would be to the centre as they previously didn’t have children’s sized tables or chairs to sit on. In the past the children had to sit at adult sized table and chairs, this meant the children were working at the wrong height as they had to over stretch. This made it uncomfortable for them to work on and it breached health and safety rules and regulations.



The team that accepted the donation were so happy with the items of furniture and couldn’t wait to use them for their party.