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Why is finding the right chair for you so important? And why is it important that the chair is set up correctly?

Everyone is unique and everyone is different. Tall or short, slim or bigger built, no one is the same. So this is why everyone needs a chair that is perfect for them, and that is set up correctly for them.

Because of height and weight, everyone’s seating positions differs. Everyone needs support in different ways and in different positions, and we can’t stress this enough.

If you’re going to spend money on something in the office, invest it on the right chair.

When looking for the perfect chair for you, there are a few things to consider;

  1. How long are you sat in your chair for?
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    Adjustable lumbar support seating

  2. Do you suffer from any back problems?
  3. Are there any other issues that affect the way you sit?

These are important factors to consider because there are certain types of chairs that will be better than others, for example, there are

particular chairs that offer more support for the back than others. Different chairs have different levers to alter different aspects of the chair.

Ray Nolan, our Sales Director, is very experienced in assessing if your chair is right for you, and if it isn’t, he will be able to advise which chair will be.

There are a few tips you can use to check if the chair you’re sitting on is right for you, or at least set up right so that you make the most out of the chair.

And Ray Nolan says, “Please remember it is not the old story, the more you pay the better it is.”

Your feet must be sitting flat on the floor with your knees at 90-degree angle, with your back up against the back of the chair. If your feet don’t sit like this because they don’t reach or the chair doesn’t adjust to be able to achieve this, you may need a foot rest.

You must be able to have adequate space between the end of the chair seat and your knees to allow blood flow to circulate because if the back of your knees is touching the chair, this restricts blood flow to your legs.

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Adjustable height back seating with desk

Your chair back must not be in a locked position, unless a medical condition dictates that it should be. It must be free so is able to move when you do. This will help take strain of your back if you need to turn and talk to someone behind you. Some chairs have adjustable height on the back, so this again can be adjusted to suit you.

On some chairs, the lumbar support will be adjustable so you can adjust to where this feels best for you, and where you feel the most support from it.

A lot of people just think a chair is a chair and that’s it, but a chair can relieve back stress and make the day a more comfortable one. Some chairs are specially designed to be able to sit in them for up to 8 hours, they increase performance by reducing breaks in concentration, where some are just a quick 30-minute meeting chair.

If you need any more advice, or think you may need a better chair or, different chair, or if you just need help or advise on setting up a chair correctly, please just give us a ring today on 01724 271494.